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Spring restocks and Tabletop Day

After the busy time up to and around Christmas, game stocks have been replenished and new games added to the store. Four games that have been out of stock for a while are now back with us:

Forbidden IslandForbidden island. The essential co-operative game where a band of intrepid explorers attempt to save precious artefacts from a sinking island, and escape in the helicopter before everything is lost to the rising waters.

Forbidden Desert. The sequel to the above, where you are attempting to locate the co-ordinates of parts of a flying machine in a desert full of shifting sands, so you can piece it together and fly off.

Sneaky Cards. The game played in public spaces, where you leave cards for other people to find and use, to prompt random acts of kindness and friendly public interaction.

Anomia. New reprint of the family party game where one by one players reveal cards with categories and symbols on, and each player must watch for other players cards’ symbols that match their own, so they can be first to say a word in the category on the opponent’s card.

Recent new additions to the latest products page include:

Scythe, a Worker Placement/Economic Engine board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period;

Tanto Cuore, a Japanese-anime-styled deck-building card game from Japan, where players hire maids to fill out their house; and

Ice Cool, a flicking skill game involving aiming penguins around the game board and through doorways to collect fish while the hall monitor tries to tag your penguin.

Also don’t forget April 29th is Tabletop Day – look out for press coverage about this annual board gaming event, and look out for events near you, where you can go along and try out new games. Due to other commitments we are not planning a specific event in Cheddar that weekend although may take a few games down to the local pub! But Bristol Board Game Cafe are having an event, if you are in that area.