Sites we like

There are plenty of places out on the internet to find out more about board games, here are some of our favourite sites.

Video channels

TableTop – Wil Wheaton’s site which has now run to several seasons of play-through videos for popular games. If you want to find out how Wil and his mates got on with Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Sheriff of Nottingham, and many more, this is the place to find out. The episode guide is here.

Shut Up & Sit Down – British board game review site run by a team of  writers, videographers, coders and designers, who also create video play-throughs of popular games along with written reviews and annual games charts.

The Dice Tower – Tom Vasel produces numerous video and audio podcasts dedicated to promoting board and card games.   He is joined by a host of gaming enthusiasts whose goal is not just to promote the hobby, but the people who are involved with designing games too.

Game Boy Geek – “High quality, high-energy board game reviews with new content at least every other day”.

Tantrum House – board game reviews and playthroughs from a group of four gaming couples and their kids.

Watch it Played – video tutorials for a wide range of board and card games.

The Rules Girl – Quick and concise video explanations of popular board games.

Boardgame Opinions – the views of Jonathan Hicks’s UK board game group on a variety of games.

Meeple Mountain – a variety of game reviews, previews, and unboxings.

Jon Gets Games – video walkthroughs for selected board games

Man vs Meeple – video reviews, previews, annual top 10s and more.

Dad vs Daughter – A collection of play-through videos of various games between a dad and his daughter to help show how a game is played. Lots of family-friendly titles reviewed here.

Rahdo Runs Through – A wide selection of board game video run-throughs that show, rather than tell, what a game really feels like to play.

The Cardboard Stacker – and Box of Delights – both doing reviews and tutorials for board and card games.

Boardgamegeek TV – this is the place to see previews of the latest games releases at Toy and Games fairs.

Board game cafes in our area

Chance and Counters – Bristol’s first dedicated board gaming café, tucked at the bottom of Christmas Steps. A purpose-built space that board gamers of all ages and abilities can enjoy, from casual players to seasoned strategists.

Playground Coffee House – A speciality coffee shop, craft beer and cocktail bar with board games

Board Exeter – enjoy a range of great food and drinks while playing classic and modern board games with your friends.

Other sites

Boardgamegeek – the ultimate web site for all board and card games, past and present. Complete with details, publishers, playing times, age ranges, ratings and rankings, reviews, videos, discussions, you name it. If you want to find out about any game, this is the central encyclopedia

Kickstarter – Tabletop games – Kickstarter is where many new board games initially come to life, with a game outline from a publisher, looking for people to sponsor the production of initial copies. One of the most successful in recent times was Exploding Kittens. Well worth checking regularly to see if you can be the first to get on board with a new game that appeals to you.

Up to 4 Players – a web comic about games and gamers.

UK Games Expo – Facebook page for the annual board game exhibition held in Birmingham, UK, which is well worth a visit to get some idea of the vast array of publishers and themes there are to choose from.

Geeknson Tables – For the discerning gamer, a range of gaming tables with a recessed playing area which means you can roll dice without them going on the floor, and you can also leave a half-finished game in progress and put the top leaves back in place so you can use the table for dining. We don’t have one of these but it’s definitely on the bucket list for when those lottery winnings roll in. Made not a million miles from us, in the Cotswolds.