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Sale time and new games


After a slow start to the festive season things really picked up on the sales front, and as well as lots of games going out, a whole load of new ones came in, so… time to have a bit of a clear out. There is a sale running for the rest of January, click here to see the items currently on offer.

Two new games we have been playing ourselves here over the festive period, and which come highly rated, are Sagrada, and The Mind. We took both for a game at our local pub, and Sagrada caught the attention of others with its colourful dice and game boards. It was easy enough to learn although we realised afterwards we should have paid a bit more attention to the scoring criteria at the beginning, nonetheless we had fun assembling our stained-glass windows over a pint or two.

The Mind

The Mind has proved a real challenge and we have played with 2, 3 and 4 players and still not got past Level 6. It all goes well until all players have got high numbered cards that are close in value, so there is a fairly long wait time before anybody plays anything, and then a rush in which it’s easy to play an 86 before an 84. Still, we’ll persevere. If we ever get through all the levels, “blind mode” awaits, which seems virtually impossible!

Happy gaming!