The classic family dice-rolling game in which players try to match their throws against a list of dice combinations to score points. New edition in 2017.

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Yahtzee is the brilliant family dice game of skill, strategy and a little bit of luck! Roll five dice and decide which ones to stick with and which to roll again up to twice more, then fill out your score card after your turn. Will you hustle for a full house or go all out for a Yahtzee? The player with the highest score after 13 turns is the winner. With the average match taking less than half an hour, Yahtzee is a great quick game for two or more players aged eight and up. Beware though, it’s very addictive!

This game comes in a handy case that is portable and easy to travel with and includes 100 score cards. Yahtzee scoring apps are also available on iOS and Android.

Yahtzee dates back to the 1950s and there was even a cheesy 1980s TV commercial for it:

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