Tokyo Highway


In Tokyo Highway, players compete to place all of their cars on the road — but to do that they will first have to build the roadways!

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Over the course of the game, players construct columns of varying heights by using the 66 squat cylinders in the box, then connect those columns with sticks that serve as roadways, with the columns not necessarily being the same height when connected. Once you have a highway, you can possibly place one of your ten cars on it. For 2 players, ages 8 and up,allow 30 minutes to play.

The game play and road/car placement is explained in this short video from the Bottom Shelf Board Games blog.

As is mentioned in the video, there is value in trying to create an awkward layout so that your opponent risks knocking it over (and potentially losing the game, or at least some playing pieces) – so, much as in snooker, it’s important to keep an eye on how things were laid out so the structure can be assembled before the foul was committed, so you can replace things as they were.

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