The Mind


The mind is more than just a game. It’s an experiment, a journey, a team experience in which you can’t exchange information, yet you will become one to defeat all the levels of the game. A tricky challenge, and Spiel des Jahres nominee 2018. This is the English version of the game.

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In The Mind, the deck contains cards numbered 1-100, and during the game you try to complete 12, 10, or 8 levels of play with 2, 3, or 4 players. In a level, each player receives a hand of cards equal to the number of the level: one card in level 1, two cards in level 2, etc. Collectively you must play these cards into the centre of the table on a single discard pile in ascending order but you cannot communicate with one another in any way as to which cards you hold. You simply stare into one another’s eyes, and when you feel the time is right, you play your lowest card (as someone with a lower card will tend to want to play theirs earlier than someone with a card up in the 80s or 90s).

If no one holds a card lower than what you played, great, the game continues! If someone did, all players discard face up all cards lower than what you played, and you lose one life. You start the game with a number of lives equal to the number of players. Lose all your lives, you lose the game. You start with one star as well, and if everyone wants to use a star, each player discards their lowest card face up, giving everyone information about the remaining cards in hand, and getting you closer to completing the level. As you complete levels, you might receive a reward of a star or an extra life. Complete all the levels, and you win!

For an extra challenge, play on in extreme mode with all played cards going onto the stack face down. You don’t look at the cards played until the end of a level, losing lives at that time for cards played out of order.

A co-operative game for ages 8+ for 2-4 players, allow 20 minutes to play. See also The Game, a similar game.

Our tip: Watch out for those hands where everyone appears to have been dealt higher cards, so, there will be a lot of sitting around at the start of the level, wondering when is the right time to lay your 70s or 80s card. Also look out for those times where different people have got cards very close to one another. Make sure you allow others time to get in with their cards.

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