Sheriff of Nottingham


An exciting game of bluffing, bribery and smuggling. The greedy Sheriff of Nottingham is checking everyone who comes through the front gate for “contraband” – meaning all the good stuff he's trying to keep for himself!

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An exciting game of bluffing, bribery and smuggling!

Prince John’s lust for gold has finally gone too far! It’s impossible for a merchant to make a living anymore. Now he’s got the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham checking everyone who comes through the front gate for “contraband” – meaning all the good stuff he’s trying to keep for himself!

Good thing you know the Sheriff better than Prince John does. This shifty no-good greedy fellow might be intimidating when he stands in front of the city gate, but let’s be honest he is not above taking a well-placed bribe to look the other way. You have come to Nottingham with your goods on market day and the only thing standing between you and your hard earned points is the Sheriff. All you need to do is bluff or bribe your way past him..or maybe tell the truth!

Sheriff of Nottingham is the first in Arcane Wonder’s new line of games, the Dice Tower Essentials. This fun and engaging game is sure to keep everyone guessing, bluffing and laughing out loud as each player attempts to get by the notorious Sheriff Of Nottingham! Will you be an honest merchant and bring legal goods into the city or will you risk it all and try to smuggle contraband goods in for high profits? The choice is yours but your fate is in the Sheriff’s hands!

Players 3-5, Ages 14+, Playing time 45-60 Minutes.

Our tip: If you haven’t seen it, the playthrough of this game on Tabletop is one of the funniest, one of the many highlights of this series. 45 minutes well spent watching, and a good demonstration of the basic premise of the game, to get the cards out of your hand and into your store (in front of you on the table top) and the only person stopping you is that pesky Sheriff. You get the cards to the store via the “bag of declaration”. The urgency to get to the “Dick and Pickle” for the butterchurning shows the bluffing and bribery in full flow, and lots of embarrassed Sheriffs either letting contraband through or challenging completely valid shipments.

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