Scrabble Harry Potter Edition

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Harry Potter themed version of the classic Scrabble word game with extra rules, cards, spells and wizarding words to use.

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With this special edition game, Scrabble celebrates the unique vocabulary from the world of Harry Potter and his friends! Like Original Scrabble, this game comes with a board, 4 racks, bag of tiles, and instructions. But Harry Potter Edition of Scrabble also includes a special glossary for players to find wizarding words they can play with their Scrabble tiles. When a player forms a word on a Hogwarts space, that player gets to draw a magical card that can help score more points! Game includes a deck of 36 Hogwarts cards that bring even more magic to the game. Fans of the Harry Potter Universe will love this special Scrabble game.

  • Includes: 4 tile racks, 100 letter tiles, 1 cloth bag for tiles, 1 playing board, Instruction and 1 glossary booklet
  • Includes: 36 cards – 4 house cards, 2 special cards, 8 house point cards and 22 spell cards
  • Helps to develop imaginative play skills

For ages 10 and above, allow an hour to play, for 2 to 4 players.

See Tori Slytherclaw’s unboxing video here:

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