Schrödinger’s Cats


A bluffing card game for up to 6 players where you are trying to prove or disprove your opponents’ theories about the number of alive or dead cat cards in play.

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Schrodinger’s Cats is a pseudo-scientific card game of strategic uncertainty for 2-6 players. A fast, fun game of bluffing, deduction, and cute cat pictures!  Cats are a curious lot, Cat Physicists doubly so. Their desire to discover the secrets of the universe overwhelms their already shaky catnip influenced ethics.  In Schrodinger’s Cats players run experiments, form hypotheses, and try to one-up each other’s research. Players can take on the role of a Cat Physicist such as Albert Felinestein or Sir Isaac Mewton! Using their special ability to help prove their hypothesis, or at least debunk someone else’s, each cat physicist tries to determine the minimum number of alive cats, dead cats, or empty boxes across all the boxes in Schrodinger’s famous lab.

You may not be certain your hypothesis is valid, but if you love cats, science, and games you will be certain to love the Schrödinger’s Cats card game! For 2-6 players aged 8 and up, allow half an hour to play.

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