Pitchcar is a dexterity racing game where large, wooden track pieces are fitted together to form a sort of off-grid Scalextric track. Players propel their disc “cars” around the track by flicking them and making use of barriers and/or bouncing off other cars to get to the finish first.

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PitchCar is a dexterity game where large, wooden, puzzle-like pieces are used to construct a race track that looks very similar to a slot car (“Scalextric”) race track when finished. But instead of using electricity, players use finger-flicks to send small pucks around the track and race their opponents. The rules are very simple, take it in turns to flick your car around the track, if you leave the track or flip over, you replace your car where it was when you flicked it and miss a turn. If you knock another player off the track you replace their car where it was and you miss a turn. First to finish wins! This is the base game, several track extensions are available. For 2-8 players, allow 30 minutes to play, for ages 6 and up. Great for parties and holiday entertainment for a wide age range.

Heavy and large box, travels by courier, allow an extra day or two for delivery.

See Tom Vasel’s review here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd6WC9fBSPo]

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