One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Engaging social deduction game for 3-10 players, supported by an app, and with great artwork, which plays in 10 minutes.

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A no-moderator, no-elimination, ten-minute deduction game.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast game for 3-10 players in which everyone gets a role: One of the dastardly Werewolves, the tricky Troublemaker, the helpful Seer, or one of a dozen different characters, each with a special ability. In the course of a single morning, your village will decide who is a werewolf…because all it takes is lynching one werewolf to win!

Because One Night Ultimate Werewolf is so fast, fun, and engaging, you’ll want to play it again and again, and no two games are ever the same. Click here for information about the supporting app. For ages 8 and up.  Spiel des Jahres recommended game from 2015.

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