Elder Sign


Elder Sign recreates the Lovecraftian thrills of eerie suspense and mind-numbing horrors in a game players can finish in one to two hours. Expert design in rules, card text, and innovative dice mechanics blend to form a game that’s quick to learn, quick to play, strategic enough to reward frequent replay, and eccentric enough to immerse players in the museum’s supernatural intrigue.

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Lavish artwork, sanity-draining Adventures, and gates to other worlds—avid readers of H.P. Lovecraft should find themselves at home in their hunt for Elder Signs as the end draws nigh.

To locate Elder Signs, investigators must successfully endure Adventures within the museum and its environs. A countdown mechanism makes an Ancient One appear if the investigators are not quick enough. The investigators must then battle the Ancient One. A clever and thematic dice mechanism pits their exploration against monsters and the sheer difficulty of staying sane and healthy.

Allow 1-2 hours to play, for 1-8 players aged 13 and up.

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