Your goal is to collect the highest score from one element suit. Take a card or turn a card, but keep an eye on the Dodekka, if the total goes over 12 you might have to pick up all the cards and some of those elements will count against you.


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Dodekka is a push-your-luck game where you are trying to collect as many card points of one suit as you can, whilst minimising the number of cards you collect of other suits. The suit you are trying to collect most of, may change as the game proceeds, and you unexpectedly collect more points of another suit!

Dodekka is super fun and super quick to learn. With elements of strategy, probability, maths and a tiny bit of luck, Dodekka is a card game the whole family will enjoy. It’s great for families and it’s also pretty great over a pint with some friends. It only takes a couple of turns before players have to start making strategic decisions. For 2-6 (or more) players age 6 and up. Allow 20 minutes.

Our tip: A great one to stick in your pocket and take down the pub. Curious people can join in the game mid way if they want to. Remember that sometimes it might be in your interest to bust the Dodekka if there are some high-value cards you are after further up the chain, but just check whether the value of any duff cards you will also pick up will make it worthwhile.

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