In Confident?, players get asked curious questions, with an outRANGEous twist. Players may be asked things such as “what is the top speed of a kangaroo?”, but instead of giving one answer, you answer with a range.

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Players answer curious questions with a range answer. Win points if the right answer is in your range, but the more you’re sure, the more you score! Be prepared to get hooked thanks to its hilarious reveals, cheeky answer swaps and fascinating facts.

A sustainably produced and British designed game (find out more about that here).

For ages 12 and up, and can be played as individuals or as a team game (so could handle for example 15 people in 5 teams of 3), plays in 30 minutes.

Here at AGM we had a play-through of this with a local group which led to it becoming our most popular game sale of the year. Players liked the fact that it was unlikely anyone would know the exact answers to any of the questions and everything was just an educated guess – so it doesn’t make you feel stupid if you get lots of questions wrong!

See an explanatory video here:

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