Cat Tower


Game of dexterity in which you are trying to stack a pile of folding cat cards in order to empty your hand. Be careful not to knock the pile over though, or you will have to take some cards back!

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Catty Fatty stares at the dried fish hung high on the shelf drooling. All cats are attracted wondering how they can reach the yummy fish beyond their leap. They come up with the idea of stacking on each other’s back so as to grab the fish. Let’s help them make a tower of cats!

Seven Cat Cards are dealt to each player. The game starts with the youngest player.

In clockwise order, each player takes a turn to roll the die, and acts according to the image shown on the die result.

The game ends immediately when one player gets rid of all Cat Cards in hand.

2-6 players (at least), plays in 15-20 minutes, for ages 6 and up.

Here is Tom Vasel – and Holly’s – review:

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