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Score as few points as possible by avoiding placing the sixth card in a row of numbered cards. Easy to learn game for all the family.

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Not a Game for the Bullheaded! You start with 10 cards, ranked between 1 and 104. Each round, you must add a card to one of 4 active rows. If you play the 6th card in a row, you must take the first 5 cards in that row. This is not a good thing! You get penalty points for each bull head on these cards. The player with the least bull heads wins. A quick, fun, fast-paced game for young and old. Nominated for “Spiel des Jahres” as far back as 1994. Also known as Take 6, Take 5, Category 5, and several other foreign language names.

For 2-10 players, aged 10 and over. Allow 30 minutes to play.

Here’s the Dice Tower review:

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