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Our new store

cropped-agmlogo_retro.pngWelcome to our new store! You may previously have known us as GamesCache, and before that, Slotcarcentre – however after a torrid time with Scalextric and Geocaching sales in recent years, we have decided to focus purely on the games aspects of the business. Board games are enjoying a revival and it’s an area we have just as much knowledge of.

Hence the new identity and new web site, which also ripples through to Twitter and Facebook. If you are wondering where the new identity comes from, given the store owner’s interest in classic rock, it’s a play on the song “I’ve Seen All Good People / Your Move” by Yes, which appears on “The Yes Album” from 1971. The lyrics have a chess metaphor and there are a few lyrical references which are echoed in the site logo too.

We’re still in the same location and still providing the same service. If you are looking for Scalextric and geocaching items, have a look on our old GamesCache site and our EBay pages where the last of our remaining stock is being sold off during 2016.

As Wil Wheaton says at the end of TableTop episodes… “Play more games!”