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New year, new games

Christmas was (as usual) a busy time for board game shop sales, and January has been equally busy for new stock arrivals. There were a few games released at the back end of 2017 that didn’t reach these shores in time for us to stock them before the festive season, but they are here now, and there are some right corkers amongst them. 2018 is certainly looking like being a great year for new board games!


Board game of the Year 2017, an easy-to-learn tile laying game with shades of Carcassonne, where players try to complete a 5 x 5 grid of domino-shaped land tiles and earn points for connected tiles of the same type.


A novel idea for a game in which players earn points from planting trees in a forest and capturing sunlight as the sun moves around the board (and also casting shadows on their opponents’ trees as it does so).

Le HavreLe Havre

A new release of the classic board game in which players vie to be the top shipping magnate for the French harbour town, by effectively managing their resources, ships and buildings.

Divinity DerbyDivinity Derby

An interesting new release which offers players the chance to bet on a race between various mythological flying creatures, but each player only has partial information about the likely performance of each creature.

Harry Potter Hogwarts BattleHarry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Play as Harry, Hermione, Ron or Neville and try to save Hogwarts from the forces of evil in this co-operative game. The card game is based on the content of the Harry Potter books and films.


A card drafting game that will appeal to genealogists, in which players compete to discover who has the best family tree during a rummage through the archives. Extra points are scored for long lineage and more marriages.

Dicey PeaksDicey Peaks

Beat your opponents to the summit with this push-your-luck dice game where you need to plan when to climb, and when to rest and replenish oxygen. Watch out for the yetis too!

Fog of LoveFog of Love

Highly-rated board game for two people who act out the roles of a couple in a relationship, with potentially conflicting personal goals which may be reconciled (or not) as the game progresses.


Follow the links above to the game pages for more details on each one, and keep watching the web site or social media for news of further new games throughout the year.