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Letter Tycoon and Brexit costs

letter_tycoonEarlier today I did a quick summary of Letter Tycoon, recently new in stock, for attendees at the local Business Breakfast Club. Letter Tycoon is a kind of cross between Scrabble or Boggle, and Monopoly, so if your family can’t decide which one to play, try Letter Tycoon!

In this game for 2 – 5 players, each person takes a turn trying to make as good a word as possible from the seven in their hand plus three in a community pool on the table. Points are scored based on the word played, but you can then also opt to buy a “patent” in one of the letters in the word you played. This is akin to buying a property in Monopoly, so when anyone else uses that letter in a word, you get additional cash. Letters that are used often are more expensive to buy patents for, whereas the more infrequently used letters are cheaper but have special powers. B’s patent, for example, scores you extra points for words starting and ending in vowels. Letter Tycoon is a 2015 Mensa Select Award Winner and can be found in-store here.

And staying on the financial theme, UK games distributors have been hit hard by the recent Brexit-related exchange rate fluctuations, and as the majority of games seem to come from the USA or Europe, they have had to review the price of games across the board (no pun intended)! It has meant some games in the £30 area have increased in retail price by £5-£10, and some of the pricier ones such as Mansions of Madness, by even more than that. If you are wondering why some prices have been hiked up, that’s the reason. Old pre-Brexit stock is still in our shop at the original prices but as new stock comes in leading up to Christmas, these will be at the new prices.