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The gift of board games

5220663566_ffce30a320_mAny time you have a gift-giving opportunity approaching, whether it be Christmas, birthday or some other reason, you should always consider giving a board game. Well we would say that. But why? Well, here are a few reasons…

  • Happiness will be created. Nobody plays a board game to be miserable. Playing board games involves interaction with other people, friends or family. Whether you win or lose the game yourself, guaranteed, at least one person around the table will smile or laugh during the game. Even if you are playing “Gloom” ! So giving the gift of happiness can’t be a bad thing.
  • Brains will be exercised in different ways. Whether you are bartering sheep for lumber in Catan, rushing around the globe fighting virus outbreaks in Pandemic, or trying to bluff your way past the Sheriff of Nottingham with a few crossbows disguised as chickens, the players will find themselves thinking about unusual situations far from everyday life.
  • Problem-solving skills will be enhanced. Just which is the optimum way to assemble this Patchwork quilt? What clue do I give for this Dixit picture that is not too obvious? And what is the best tile placement I can employ to stop my opponents scoring a Qwirkle?
  • People can learn to work together as a team, if you choose a co-operative game. Everyone versus the game itself. Save the Forbidden Island from sinking, complete a Space Alert mission, or survive the Dead of Winter – they all require people to work together towards a common goal.

And don’t forget to include one of our business cards with the gift – so the recipient knows where to go for more 🙂

Image by Jennifer C. on Flickr