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Lockdown restocks

PandemicFor your lockdown delectation and delight, the delivery van has just stopped by with some re-stocks! Scrabble, Splendor, Catan and Catan Seafarers Expansion, Love Letter, and the much-in-demand Pandemic.
Coronavirus has got nothing on the FOUR viruses that are sweeping the planet in Pandemic, which is a co-operative game – all the players versus the game itself – to work as a team and use your specialist skills to find cures before it’s too late! On the product page is a game playthrough done a few years ago by Wil Wheaton in his now-defunct Tabletop web series, which is well worth a watch.
More restocks and some new games are expected soon, including some items that people registered stock alerts for, so keep an eye out here and on Facebook for further updates.
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Games with solo player option

the game on fireIn these weird times of virus lockdown, customers have been asking about games which can be played solo. Generally, co-operative games can be played with just one player and some other games have rules variants for solo play.

A new “solo option” search tag has been added to the store to pull out any we stock that fit the bill. See the selection here. If there are others you know of that work well for whiling away the hours of solo quarantine, please drop us an email!

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Business as usual… ish

Just to let everyone know the online store is still open for business during these strange times, if it says it’s in stock then that’s almost certainly correct, so please continue to place orders as normal. There could be an extra day’s delay in despatch perhaps, if waiting to drop larger packages off early mornings when depots are quiet. Deliveries may also be delayed if sorting offices are short-staffed. If I’m aware of any problems I will send you an email.

Currently the wholesalers are still sending out new stocks from their warehouses. Potentially there could be issues with their incoming new supplies globally though. If the store has to close any time for our own self-isolation reasons, this will be made obvious with a site-wide message and the “add to cart” buttons will be removed.

Finally if you are self-isolated and looking for a board game fix, perhaps give a look. This site has adapted many of the popular games we sell on this site, for online play, including the likes of Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Kingdomino, Takenoko, Love Letter, Jaipur, 6 Nimmt, and many more. Their servers recently (understandably) became very busy as people joined from all over the world. You may even discover a new game you would like to buy the traditional version of.

Meantime stay safe folks and look after each other!


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Christmas 2019

As usual we will be taking orders for games throughout the Christmas period and into New Year. Friday 20th will be the last day for delivery before Christmas though. Any orders that come in over Christmas will be sent out on the 30th or 31st, and we will be back to normal on the 2nd January 2020.

With thanks to all our customers, have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!


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Sale time and new games


After a slow start to the festive season things really picked up on the sales front, and as well as lots of games going out, a whole load of new ones came in, so… time to have a bit of a clear out. There is a sale running for the rest of January, click here to see the items currently on offer.

Two new games we have been playing ourselves here over the festive period, and which come highly rated, are Sagrada, and The Mind. We took both for a game at our local pub, and Sagrada caught the attention of others with its colourful dice and game boards. It was easy enough to learn although we realised afterwards we should have paid a bit more attention to the scoring criteria at the beginning, nonetheless we had fun assembling our stained-glass windows over a pint or two.

The Mind

The Mind has proved a real challenge and we have played with 2, 3 and 4 players and still not got past Level 6. It all goes well until all players have got high numbered cards that are close in value, so there is a fairly long wait time before anybody plays anything, and then a rush in which it’s easy to play an 86 before an 84. Still, we’ll persevere. If we ever get through all the levels, “blind mode” awaits, which seems virtually impossible!

Happy gaming!




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Last orders for Christmas gaming

Carcasonne by Richard Gillin on Flickr

The festive season approaches, and as usual, All Good Meeple will be open throughout, taking your orders for games. Often we find that the period between Boxing Day and New Year is as busy as the days leading up to Christmas, as people look to buy board games that they played and enjoyed round at someone else’s house! Phones won’t be manned between 22nd December and 2nd January but you can still email enquiries and place orders in the normal way.

The last post we will send out before Christmas will be Saturday 22nd, thereafter we’ll hold fire on any parcel despatches until Thursday 27th. Don’t want your games potentially spending Christmas in a heap in a sorting office somewhere! More games are due in stock, during the week of 17-22 December, including some new titles, so keep checking the Facebook page for updates. After that, distributors are closing until the first week in January so there won’t be any new stocks until after New Year.

There are several web sites offering lists of “top board games” at this time of year, and depending on the gaming preference of the relevant editor, they are all completely different! However the Games Radar list is a good match with the types of games we sell here, with numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9 (plus “original” Pandemic) all available from us.

Whatever you are playing, have a great Christmas 🙂


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Why I Hate Monopoly

The festive season approaches and with the prospect of family get-togethers comes the increasing likelihood that a game of Monopoly might be on the horizon for many. Well-known podcaster, designer and reviewer of board games, Tom Vasel, has recently released a short video explaining the issues he has with Monopoly, which echo the views of us here at All Good Meeple.

Tom’s beefs include the amount of luck involved, the amount of time it takes to play, and the way that players are eliminated and left as spectators, potentially from quite early on in the game.

Alternative games we stock here, that would be well worth your attention this year, for those occasions when everyone comes round to yours, are:

Catan 2015Catan (formerly known as Settlers of Catan) – race to settle the island and build roads and cities to earn victory points, by trading goods with your opponents. The amount of resources, such as wood and ore, are designed so there is never quite enough to go round, and someone always needs to make somebody an offer. Watch out for the random robber who can plunder your stash at any time, though! No player elimination and the winner can easily come from behind quite late in the game.

Ticket to Ride (Europe)build rail routes across Europe and try and thwart your opponents’ routes at the same time. The routes you are building are kept secret from your opponents, so it’s not always clear how many completed routes (and thus points) someone has built up. Great for geographical education, again no player elimination, and lots of points available at the end of the game to bring someone from last to first in the final reckoning.

DixitDixita storytelling theme, describe a wacky picture using cryptic clues to try and get people to guess which is your card from a selection laid out on the table. If your clue is too obscure or too obvious though, you score no points that round! If you have more than 6 people, use Dixit Odyssey which can handle up to 12, and there are additional picture packs you can buy, to keep adding variety to the game.

codenamesCodenames – a great team game where you are giving clues to words that appear on a 5 x 5 grid. The premise is that you need to contact a group of spies who have been left out in the cold, using their code names. If you have, say, two teams of four, it’s easy enough for people to join and leave a team as the game is in progress, so ideal to be playing when somebody has to keep popping out to check the dinner or if new guests are arriving.

Forbidden IslandForbidden islandrather than compete against each other, why not work together to beat the game itself? Forbidden Island  puts everyone on the same team of explorers trying to save precious artefacts from a sinking island.  If the island sinks before you all escape, you all lose, but if you get off the island with all the artefacts you can share in the euphoria of having outwitted the game. Great if you have someone who doesn’t play board games because they don’t like coming last!

So, try your family and friends with something different to Monopoly this year, and you may discover a new favourite festive game!

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Beware counterfeit board games

Dominion is a game that has been targeted by counterfeiters

Not fake news, but news about fakes! A word to our customers to beware of counterfeit board games which have started appearing in the last year or two. Several publishers have experienced problems with products being sold through the likes of Amazon and Ebay, with lower quality components, flimsy card stock and other production issues such as toxicity of paint and plastics used by the fakers. There is an in-depth article on the topic on the Tabletop Gaming web site, in which Shari Spiro, CEO of independent publisher Breaking Games and manufacturer Ad Magic, whose games include Exploding Kittens, says “buying counterfeits only helps the counterfeiters – and takes money out of the pockets of the hard-working people who are creating the games and products that are being illegally counterfeited.”

You can often spot a game that has been subject to counterfeiting by checking its listing and comments on Games which previously had good feedback will start seeing comments about poor printing or misaligned cutting of card stock, missing pieces and other similar issues.

General advice is to buy from reputable retailers and always check the seller’s feedback or star ratings. If you see problems noted in seller feedback, you may be in for a bad deal. Some of the counterfeit board games are being sold at half the price of the real thing, so as ever, you get what you pay for and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

For the avoidance of doubt, all the games we sell on this site come shrink-wrapped from the authorised UK distributors (such as Esdevium / Asmodee UK , Coiledspring, or the Green Board Game Co) or in some cases we source them direct from the manufacturers (such as Ferti), so you can buy in confidence from us.

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New year, new games

Christmas was (as usual) a busy time for board game shop sales, and January has been equally busy for new stock arrivals. There were a few games released at the back end of 2017 that didn’t reach these shores in time for us to stock them before the festive season, but they are here now, and there are some right corkers amongst them. 2018 is certainly looking like being a great year for new board games!


Board game of the Year 2017, an easy-to-learn tile laying game with shades of Carcassonne, where players try to complete a 5 x 5 grid of domino-shaped land tiles and earn points for connected tiles of the same type.


A novel idea for a game in which players earn points from planting trees in a forest and capturing sunlight as the sun moves around the board (and also casting shadows on their opponents’ trees as it does so).

Le HavreLe Havre

A new release of the classic board game in which players vie to be the top shipping magnate for the French harbour town, by effectively managing their resources, ships and buildings.

Divinity DerbyDivinity Derby

An interesting new release which offers players the chance to bet on a race between various mythological flying creatures, but each player only has partial information about the likely performance of each creature.

Harry Potter Hogwarts BattleHarry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Play as Harry, Hermione, Ron or Neville and try to save Hogwarts from the forces of evil in this co-operative game. The card game is based on the content of the Harry Potter books and films.


A card drafting game that will appeal to genealogists, in which players compete to discover who has the best family tree during a rummage through the archives. Extra points are scored for long lineage and more marriages.

Dicey PeaksDicey Peaks

Beat your opponents to the summit with this push-your-luck dice game where you need to plan when to climb, and when to rest and replenish oxygen. Watch out for the yetis too!

Fog of LoveFog of Love

Highly-rated board game for two people who act out the roles of a couple in a relationship, with potentially conflicting personal goals which may be reconciled (or not) as the game progresses.


Follow the links above to the game pages for more details on each one, and keep watching the web site or social media for news of further new games throughout the year.

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Dexterity and dreaming


Some new supplies have come in ahead of the festive season, three of which focus on manual dexterity – PitchCar, Tumblin-Dice, and Le Passe Trappe – they will all test your finger-flicking abilities in different ways.

The same manufacturer also produces Crokinole boards and these can be obtained to order, contact us for more information.

Also in stock now is the highly-rated new game “When I Dream” in which players take it in turn to identify elements of a dream and recount them well, whilst blindfolded.

Dream cards from When I Dream

You can find them all in the latest products section.