Board Game of the Fortnight

Riverside Inn,. Cheddar
Riverside Inn, Cheddar

Every couple of weeks (usually) I take a game along to the fortnightly Riverside Inn Breakfast Club, (the Riverside Inn being the same venue used for our board game nights), and I attempt to describe the game and how to play it in under a minute. Sometimes it can be a challenge! However it is a great way to introduce new games to a range of people who never previously knew of them, and generate new sales.

Here is a list of the games I have recently been describing, if you missed one:

14th November – we played Codenames XXL and also quickly reviewed Concept, Harry Potter Scrabble, and Ex Libris

31st October – Pretense

17th October – Spyfall 2

3 October – Forbidden Island

19 September – Small World

5 September – Azul

22 August – Bananagrams

8 August – Santorini

27 June – Jungle Speed

13 June – The Resistance

30 May – Quixo

16 May – Viticulture Essentials

2 May – HMS Dolores

18 Apr – Outfoxed

4 Apr – Photosynthesis

7 Mar – Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

21 Feb – Fog of Love

7 Feb – Kingdomino

24 Jan – Fuse

10 Jan – PitchCar