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Beware counterfeit board games

Dominion is a game that has been targeted by counterfeiters

Not fake news, but news about fakes! A word to our customers to beware of counterfeit board games which have started appearing in the last year or two. Several publishers have experienced problems with products being sold through the likes of Amazon and Ebay, with lower quality components, flimsy card stock and other production issues such as toxicity of paint and plastics used by the fakers. There is an in-depth article on the topic on the Tabletop Gaming web site, in which Shari Spiro, CEO of independent publisher Breaking Games and manufacturer Ad Magic, whose games include Exploding Kittens, says “buying counterfeits only helps the counterfeiters – and takes money out of the pockets of the hard-working people who are creating the games and products that are being illegally counterfeited.”

You can often spot a game that has been subject to counterfeiting by checking its listing and comments on Games which previously had good feedback will start seeing comments about poor printing or misaligned cutting of card stock, missing pieces and other similar issues.

General advice is to buy from reputable retailers and always check the seller’s feedback or star ratings. If you see problems noted in seller feedback, you may be in for a bad deal. Some of the counterfeit board games are being sold at half the price of the real thing, so as ever, you get what you pay for and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

For the avoidance of doubt, all the games we sell on this site come shrink-wrapped from the authorised UK distributors (such as Esdevium / Asmodee UK , Coiledspring, or the Green Board Game Co) or in some cases we source them direct from the manufacturers (such as Ferti), so you can buy in confidence from us.