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Back with a sale!

Fox in the ForestAfter a quiet few months in the store due to Covid and various related issues, we are gearing up for the Christmas period with a little sale (see for the latest special offers) and a review of some classic favourites – particularly ones that work well for taking down to the pub to play with friends and family (hopefully the ability to visit pubs will stay with us over this winter, touch wood!)

Recently we took Fox in the Forest for a spin and a couple of pints, and it lends itself well to pub play. It is basically a game of cards with a few scoring tokens so there is hardly any setup needed. It’s one of these games where someone can easily grab a couple of points here and there or gain turn advantage through strategic play, so it keeps you on your toes to the end of the game. Unlike standard trick-taking games such as Whist, there is a trick-avoidance mechanism in here too, which is more like Hearts, where you need to try and win a sweet-spot number of tricks (0-3, or 7-9) to get the most points each round. Why not give it a whirl!