About us

Spirit the cat, helping to set up a game of Ticket to Ride

Welcome to our family business, run staffed by keen board game players. If you are looking for something different to console and tablet app games, you should find something here of interest. We operate out of Cheddar in Somerset, and provide an Amazon alternative, providing our customer service and sending out goods direct from here, not via a dropshipping or fulfilment arrangement.

This store focuses on hobbies and pastimes with an emphasis on good times with family and friends, and we have good product knowledge across the range of items we sell. Martin runs the day-to-day business and should be able to answer most of your questions, or direct you to someone who can. Other members of the family help out with admin, trying out new games  and also running occasional events at our local library or pub where we introduce people who only ever played Monopoly or Cluedo to a wider range of board game experiences.

With Martin being a fan of classic rock, the name of the store comes from a pun on a song by Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People / Your Move”.

We don’t operate a massive warehouse and are thus able to provide a more personal service than other big retailers, curating a smaller selection of games that we know and enjoy, or have received lots of positive feedback on – so hopefully very few duds!

If you have any queries about anything you see here, please call on the number at the top of the page, or send a message via the contact form.

We’ve always operated on the basis of knowing the products well, so should be able to answer any questions on the games we stock.

Schools, education, special needs, care homes etc.

Many schools and education services establishments, as well as care facilities for the elderly, use board games for improving mathematics abilities, social skills, reasoning, memory, dexterity, logic, teamwork and so on. Many of the games we sell will work well in these kinds of environment. If you are looking for something to address a particular topic and need some advice, please get in touch via the contact form. Likewise, if you are already using a game for these kinds of purposes and would like to share your experience with others, please let us know – a note can be added to the product page showing how you have used a particular game in helping child or adult skills development.

Game designers and publishers

We’re always pleased to hear about new games which fit in with our portfolio. As you may have spotted, we focus on games we can really get into ourselves, so we don’t have many card-collecting games, war games, miniatures, fantasy RPGs, epic dungeon crawls, empire builders, and such like. We also tend not to go for games associated with passing fads of films and TV shows, and also avoid most of the mass-market games you can pick up in high-street stores like WH Smith.

For other games that might sit well with the mainstay of our store, so family, strategy, word game, bluffing, mind-challenging, educational and similar themes, if you would like to point us in the direction of your Kickstarter or Crowdfunder campaign, or send a review copy, please get in touch.